Biology and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

high school students learning laboratory procedures

Biology and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Biology and Environmental Engineering Laboratory is equipped with chemical laboratory equipment and advanced detection equipment to enable students to understand the application of chemistry, biology and engineering in the environment. The laboratory program aims to cultivate awareness of global environmental issues and train students to make the earth a better place to live for generations to come.

Sample Project

Research on soil pollution caused by wasted batteries

A single battery can pollute six hundred thousand liters of water or destroy a square meter of land. Wasted batteries are like “pollution bombs” in our lives. This project will allow students to bury batteries and use laboratory techniques to explore the effects of the wasted batteries on soil. The hands-on experience will help students to better understand the importance of establishing serious laboratory awareness. Students are going to propose solutions to soil pollution at the end of this lesson in environmental awareness.

students testing water quality to learn about ecology