Computer Science and Database Systems Laboratory

Students learn computer statistics models

Computer Science and Database Systems Laboratory

The Computer Science and Database Systems Laboratory focuses on the most popular and innovative technologies in use today, including visual data processing, innovation and expansion of the internet, and virtual augmented reality. This lab provides a series of hands-on endeavors that enables student experiences with a variety of computer science tools including coding, statistics and design related knowledge, and provides the opportunity to gain problem-solving skills through these projects, which strengthens mathematical and science skills.

Sample Project

Statistical research on the NBA and winning.

Pinpoint passing, smooth attacks, and the last minute baskets. This is NBA, the palace of world’s top basketball players.

Have you ever thought about using science and statistical tools or software to calculate the pattern of winning in every NBA game? We have designed a project that will use data from NBA games to analyze whether there is relationship between the statistical numbers and game wins and losses.

Students learn and appreciate basic statistical knowledge through problem solving in this project.

basketball used to learn about statistics