Finance and Mathematics Laboratory

Student and teacher one-on-one studying calculus equation

Finance and Mathematics Laboratory

The Finance and Mathematics Laboratory provides an in-depth, hands-on laboratory experience for our future economic and financial leaders. The laboratory’s hands-on applications simulate the stock, futures and bonds in different trading conditions as students study the peaks and valleys of the market over time. Field trip opportunities offer visits to high technological companies in this industry.

Sample Project

The Wharton School Online Global Stock Trading Investment Competition

Our laboratory cooperates with The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Students are trained under a simulated competition to learn risk management, industry research, company analysis and financial investment knowledge. Students will use the Online Trading & Investment Simulator (OTIS), developed by the Wharton School, to prepare for the investment competition. Students will come up with their own techniques and strategies for trading throughout the investment project.

The finalist from online competition will be invited to participate in the final competition at The Wharton Business of University of Pennsylvania.

lab designed to learn about stocks in a computing class