Immersion Programs

Springdale Preparatory School offers exciting American Immersion programs for international students. 

Springdale Preparatory School offers a comprehensive American Immersion Program for international students in middle and high school. Students will experience valuable academic foundations, cultural interactions, language instruction, and amazing travel excursions. Imagine a place where students are exposed to iconic American attractions, while building instant friendships through amazing team building exercises.

Students have many options to choose from, but all classes combine English language instruction with cultural immersion. Classes strongly emphasize all aspects of proper English, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing the language. Activities and day trips will allow students to practice their English communication skills while experiencing American culture. Students will travel to some of America’s most interesting cities and participate in local culture as well.

Cities of Interest:


This seaport city is the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner America’s national anthem. Attractions include the Inner Harbor where students can enjoy shopping and regional food, including Maryland’s famous Chesapeake Crab. Attractions include the National Aquarium and Maryland Science Center.

Washington DC:

The nation’s capitol city is home to some of America’s most important government buildings, including the Capitol, White House, and the Supreme Court. Students can also visit the National Mall which is home to many historical monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Washington DC is also home to the world-renowned Smithsonian museums.


Known as the city of brotherly love, this historical city is home to America’s Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. The city is also home to many museums including the Franklin Institute and Philadelphia Museum of Art, and is located near many American Revolutionary historical sites.

New York:

America’s largest city, New York is home to some of America’s most iconic sites such as Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. It is also the country’s financial, commercial, and cultural center, and is home to Wall Street, the Broadway Theater District and world famous museums including The Metropolitan Museum Art and The Modern Museum of Art.

About Immersion Programs:

Springdale’s American Immersion Program is offered throughout the year in short 7 to 10 day sessions. In addition to English language instruction, students will also learn about U.S. history and American culture through both classroom learning and travel excursions. Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. However, unscheduled dinners, some transportation to and from specific areas, souvenirs and snacks are not included in the program price.

Available American Immersion Dates
Date: Cost:
October 16-20, 2017 $874.65
November 18-24, 2017 $1,224.51
December 18-24, 2017 $1,224.51
December 27, 2017-January 3, 2018 $1,399.44
February 18-23, 2018 $1,049.58
March 31 – April 9, 2018 $1,749.30
June 2-8, 2018 $1,224.51