In Math This Week

In Math This Week

In 10th grade we will work on identifying and finding measures of complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent, and congruent angles.  We will also be constructing an angle bisector.


In 9th grade we are working on writing an equation (from a word problem) for slope-intercept form.  We are also working on linear equations to solve for y and writing linear functions to solve word problems.


In 8th grade we are solving equations involving like terms, with variables on both sides, to complete the solution, and with word problems.

In 7th grade we are solving proportions with word problems; estimating population size using proportions; learning about rate of change; and solving one-variable equations for x.


In 6th grade we are learning percents, including working with word problems, fractional and decimal percents, finding what percent one number is of another; and finding the total given a part and a percent.

In 5th grade we are comparing fractions and mixed numbers, putting fractions in order, and solving arithmetic and geometric sequences with fractions.