Math Class Agenda

Math Class Agenda

What have the Math students been working on?

Understanding exponents, evaluating exponents, and finding the missing exponent or base.

Another class is writing variable expressions, evaluating variable expressions with whole numbers, evaluating multi-variable expressions, and evaluating variable expressions with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.

We are identifying terms and co-efficients, learning the properties of addition and multiplication, multiplying using the distributive property, and solving equations using properties.

Students are multiplying using the distributive property, adding and subtracting like terms, adding/subtracting/multiplying linear expressions, factoring linear expressions, and identifying equivalent linear expressions.

Our high schoolers are multiplying and dividing monomials, finding powers of monomials, learning about polynomials, and adding and subtracting polynomials. They are simplifying radical expressions, simplifying by rationalizing denominators, and solving systems of linear equations.