Math Updates

Math Updates

In 5th grade, students are working on the following skills: multiplying decimals, estimating products of decimals, multiplying a decimal by a power of ten, multiplying a decimal by a one digit whole number; multiplying a decimal by a multi-digit whole number, multiplying three or more numbers–one of which is a decimal, multiplying two decimals, and solving inequalities with decimal multiplication.

6th grade: Students are working on skills including estimating products of decimal numbers; multiplying decimals; doing inequalities with decimal multiplication. Additionally, they are working on expressions and properties, including writing variable expressions; evaluating variable expressions with whole numbers; and evaluating multi-variable expressions.

7th graders are working on the following skills: evaluating nonlinear expressions; identifying terms and co-efficients; working with properties of addition and multiplication; multiplying using the distributive property; solving equations using properties; adding and subtracting like terms; adding, subtracting, and multiplying linear expressions; and identifying equivalent linear expressions.

8th graders have worked on expressions and properties. They are working to evaluate multi-variable expressions, evaluate absolute value expressions, evaluate radical expressions, evaluate rational expressions, identify terms and co-efficients, and to multiply using the distributive property.

Our 9th graders are working on identifying, multiplying, and dividing monomials, learning the powers of monomials, learning polynomial vocabulary, and modeling polynomials with algebra tiles.

In the 10th grade, students are doing an Algebra review, learning properties of exponents, solving linear equations with unknown co-efficients, solving multi-step inequalities, solving inequalities with variables on both sides, solving compound inequalities and double inequalities, and solving linear equations and graphs.