New quarter Math updates

New quarter Math updates

Our students have a full plate for Math this quarter.  They are beginning the new year with the following skills 

(for 10th grade)  Trigonometric ratios:finding the side length;  Trigonometric ratios:find the angle measure; Solve a right triangle; Law of sines; Law of cosines; Solving a triangle

(or 9th grade)  Simplifying radical expressions; Simplifying radical expression involving fractions; Multiplying radical expressions; Adding and subtracting radical expressions

(for 8th grade)  Finding which X satisfies an equation; Writing an equation from words; Modeling and solving equations using algebra tiles; writing and solving equations that represent diagrams

(for 7th grade)  Understanding ratios; Identifying equivalent ratios; Writing an equivalent ratio; Word problems with equivalent ratios

(for 6th grade)  Unit rates:word problems; Doing ratios from a proportion; Solving the proportion; Scale drawings word problems

(for 5th grade)  Fractions review; Fractions of a whole word problems; Fractions of a group word problems; Equivalent fractions