Robotics and Engineering Laboratory

A high school student building a robotic arm

Robotics and Engineering Laboratory

Springdale Preparatory leaders have created a new laboratory concept, Fablab, to combine new challenging methods in robotics and engineering to stimulate students’ creativity ability. The laboratory is equipped with the latest 3D technology to enable integration from different disciplines. Project-based learning offers the ability to expand mathematical tools, cross-field training, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and innovative skills.

Sample Project

Rocket Design and Build with 3D Printing

Rockets help people on the earth to understand outer space. We are now living in the space age. In this project, we will utilize 3D printing technology to design and build our own rockets and make them fly.

Students will not only learn about physics, engineering, and aerodynamics, but also apply their knowledge. Students will explore the unknown through the process of rocket design, including assembling the rocket, selecting materials, and deciding flight angle. Ultimately, students will have an outdoor rocket flight contest to see whose rocket will go up the highest.

A girl operates a 3d printer in the engineering lab