World Languages

World Languages

Our World Languages classes have been busy.  We are finishing up the preliminary syntax and grammar foundations units this week.  Effective next week, students will be preparing for more project-based learning assessment pieces.

Spanish:  Please welcome Max Lin (or Juan) to our Spanish class! Mascot Mondo Fernando Felipe is still inspiring our students as we muddle through irregular verbs.

Chinese:  Please welcome Brian Doughterty to our class!  We learned about our astrological charts and the Chinese lunar calendar this week. Fridays are game days and cultural food tasting experiences.   Students are working on more complex stroke order and characters this week, as well as describing their families.

French/Italian:  This week has been adjective agreement week.  We are also exploring the worlds of Tintin and Asterix and Obelix.  In Italian, we have explored the alphabet and numbers 0-1000.

German:  It’s “Aschenputtel” Time!  Our new literary unit begins this week with the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales.  Our class has also completed “Hamlet das Nilpferd” – a touching tale of a sad hippo… to be continued….